The Republic of Seychelles is a sovereign democratic state with the Constitution as the supreme law of Seychelles.

The Constitution establishes clearly the separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary arms of Government.

The Constitution guarantees to the citizen fundamental rights:

  • The right to life
  • The right to dignity
  • Freedom from slavery and forced or compulsory labour
  • The right to liberty
  • The right to a fair and public hearing
  • The right to privacy
  • Freedom of conscience
  • Freedom of expression
  • The right of assembly and association
  • The right to participate in Government
  • Freedom of movement
  • The right to property
  • The right to equal protection of the law
  • The right to health care
  • The right of working mothers
  • The right of minors
  • Protection of families
  • The right to education
  • The right to shelter
  • The right to work
  • The right of the aged and the disabled
  • The right to social security
  • The right to a clean, healthy and ecologically balanced environment
  • The right to cultural life and values

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