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The Seychelles archipelago boasts of being the exclusive granitic archipelago in the world. With beautiful granite boulders carved along immaculate beaches basking in the glorious sun, visitors are left awestruck with such natural tapestry.

The Seychelles National Parks are open books of nature that equally illustrate the beauty of our natural environment. They are home to a diversity of fauna and flora which  to the present day retains biological and ecological richness.

In exploring the National Parks there are many wonders to discover, ranging from the crystal–clear waters of marine parks to the luscious green flora that carpets the tropical forests. The Parks have endemic species such as the renowned coco-de-Mer; indigenous species like coconut palm trees, including a variety of other exotic species.

Welcome to our Nature Trails

The Morne Seychellois National Park has a total of seven official nature trails that will guide you to the doorstep of such pristine environment and through the heart of these Protected Areas.
Brochures (leaflets) describing the ecology and history of the sites visited are available at most tourism outlets.

1.  Glacis Trois Freres: Nature Trail

The name Trois Freres (Three Brothers) probably arises from the close proximity of the three cliffs overlooking Victoria.

Length: 800m. Change in Altitude: 200m

Duration of journey: 1 Hour

Main Interest: Forest with exotic species, panoramic view over East Coast and view of International Airport ; Famous Carnivorous Pitcher Plants (the rarest native plant that can be observed along the way).

Location: Follow the Sans Souci road from Victoria to Port Glaud, or take the SPTC bus no. 35 and 14. Stop at the Sans Souci Forestry Station and take the secondary road going uphill, indicated by the sign “Trois Freres”. Return by the same route.

2.  Dans Gallas: Nature Trail

The site was inhabited by the Gallas (Ethiopian) people released on Mahe during 19th century after liberation by the British Navy.

Length: 2 Km. Change in Altitude: 310m

Duration of journey: 2h 30 mins.

Main Interest: Panoramic view of Beau Vallon Bay , Silhouette Island and North Island, view of Mont Signal, the airport and the whole of Victoria at your feet.

Location: Take the SPTC bus no.32 as far as the terminus at Le Niol. There is an Information Point for the National Park on the opposite side of the road, where you can get detailed information during working hours. This is the starting point of the trail. Return by the same route to the information point or follow forestry road to the right, onto a bus stop.

3.  Mare Aux Cochons: Nature Trail

This is a series of interlinked trails, with the upland valley of Mare Aux Cochons as the focus. Ensure you allow a whole day for your excursion, as most routes take between 3 and 4 hours of straight walking. Take a picnic lunch and enjoy yourselves.

The following are suggested itineraries. Your level of fitness, special interests and transport arrangements will determine your choice.

Route 1:Le Niol - Mare Aux Cochons Marsh – Danzil

Length: 7.9 Km. ( One Way )

Altitude Change: Up 270m down 470m

Main Interest: General, distillery ruins (of the once commercial production of cinnamon oil).

Route 2A:Le Niol- Mare Aux Cochons Marsh-Le Niol

Length: 9.6Km. (Return by the same route)

Altitude Change: Up 270m down 470m

Main Interest: The freshwater marsh and its ecosystem (including the rare Seychelles terrapin).

Route 2B: Le Niol - Glacis d’antins - Le Niol

Length: 8.6Km. (Return by the same route)

Altitude Change: Up 400m down 400m

Main Interest: Views, mist forest

Route 3A: Le Niol - Mare Aux Cochons Marsh - Port Glaud

Length: 7.7 Km. (Northerly route-One way)

Altitude Change: Up 270m down 470m

Main Interest: Distillery ruins, river crossing and old bridge.

Route 3B: Le Niol - waterfall and cave - Port Glaud

Length: 7.2Km. (Southerly Route-One way)

Altitude Change: Up 270m down 470m

Main Interest: River and Cave

Route 4: Port Glaud - Mare Aux Cochons marsh - waterfall and cave

Length: 7.8Km. ( Circular Route )

Altitude Change: Up 470m down 470m

Main Interest: River and cave.

Location: Most of the routes suggested initiate from Le Niole. To get there one can catch the No. 32 bus or bus No. 21 and alight at the Le Niole junction. The direction is indicated on signposts.

If you wish to start from Port Glaud take the No. 13 or 32 bus.

4.  Anse Major: Nature Trail

This trail allows you to combine walking with relaxation on a secluded beach. The beach is situated at the mouth of a stream called “Riviere Major”, hence the name Anse Major.

The coastal path is situated about 50m above sea level, and passes through country predominated by large expanses of granite rocks.

Length: 2.4 Km. Change in Altitude: 70m

Duration of journey: 2 hours

Main Interest: Rocky Landscape and ecology, coastal views and beach.

Location: Take the road which goes from Beau Vallon, through Bel Ombre to Danzil, or take SPTC bus route 21 (Victoria –Bel Ombre), alighting at the Danzil Terminus. Follow the road uphill for about 200m. Cars can be parked here.  Take the right fork of the road, passing though the settlement of Danzil.

5.      Morne Blanc: Nature Trail

The trail is basically a continuous climb from a high starting point in the Morne Seychellois National Park to the top of a mountain characterized by cloud forest in the West of Mahe.

Length: 1 km

Duration of the journey: 1hr 30

Main Interest: Panoramic view, mist forest ecology

Location: Follow the Sans Souci road between Victoria and Port Glaud or take SPTC bus route 14 (Victoria - Sans Souci - Port Launay). Stop at the Tea Factory, where there is parking opposite the Tea Tavern. Follow the main road up the hill for about 200m. The trail sign- board is on the left.

6.      Copolia: Nature Trail

This is a trail leading to the Copolia summit. The trail begins with a descent through secondary woodlands leading to a point where you can get a view towards Ste Anne Island and the East Coast.

Length: 1.2 Km.. Change in Altitude: 180m

Duration of journey: 1hr 30

Main Interest: Panoramic view, glacis ecology, carnivorous pitcher plant.

Location: Take the Sans Souci road, which goes between Victoria and Port Glaud, as far as Val Riche, about 6 Km from Victoria . There is a trail signboard at a bend in the road.
The SPTC bus route 14 ( Victoria -Sans Souci) passes along this road.

7.   Mission Lodge: Nature Trail

This area tells the history of the “Industrial school and Mission at Venn’s Town”, where the children of African former slaves were educated. The alley leading to the lodge used to be characterized by Sandragon trees that offered a majestic entrance for visitors. These trees were attached by a wilting disease and have now been replaced.

“ Welcome to Mission Lodge! A window through which to see both the human and ecological history of Seychelles .”

Main Interest at the Mission Site:

Former Master’s House

Endemic Path

Spice Path

Panoramic Viewing Point

Location: From Victoria take the Sans Souci road, which leads to Port Glaud on the West Coast. Approximately 1km after the summit of this hill road, a signboard indicates the entrance to the site. SPTC bus no. 14 (Victoria-Sans Souci-Port Glaud) passes close to the site.


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