The Seychelles is a group of islands a thousand miles from anywhere with an outstanding beauty neatly crafted through time. Being the only mid-oceanic granitic islands in the world, explorers have always been fascinated by the immense beauty and uniqueness. Besides the granitic islands, an enchanting combination of coral islands, sand cays and atolls sprawled above and below the equator awaits the curious explorer. Marine life is likewise abundant. This virtual website portrays the diversity and beauty of the small islands of the Seychelles in yet another microscope: the digital world.

In our monthly eco-Virtual Seychelles news page, we hope to bring you closer to Seychelles, with short articles on places and activities to discover in Seychelles, as well as the more serious environmental activities by government, NGOs and other local communities.

We would like to invite your feedback on the information on this website, as well as ideas on how to make it a truly virtual experience.

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