The Vallée de Mai (Garden of Eden)

Many scientists believe that the granitic islands of Seychelles are the peaks of a sunken continent which joined Australia, Asia and Africa.

Others are convinced that they were once part of a land mass known as Lemuria that joined Madagascar to India. Amongst those is General Charles “Chinese” Gordon who was sent to Seychelles in 1881 to estimate the cost and advise on the fortification of Mahé and he developed a theory…..‘

“I have formed a theory with respect to the position of Eden. I believe the Greek of the text respecting the parting of the main river of Eden into four main rivers united to form one great river………

Allowing for the moment that the Pison is the Nile, and Gibon is the Brook Gibon, that they flowed into the Red Sea, and through the Gate of the World, Bab el Mandeb, we find by taking off the soundings of the Indian Ocean, that there  are two clefts of 1.000 fathoms deep, joining near Socotra, and then going south, gradually deepening till they reach 2.600 fathoms, some 100 or 200 miles west of Seychelles.

Seychelles is granitic, all other isles are volcanic.

Aden, query Eden.

Mussulman tradition places Eden at Ceylon.

I do not go into the question whether or not the Tree of Knowledge is not the Lodoicea seychellarium, [coco de mer], and the Tree of Life the Artocarpus incise, though for myself I do not doubt it”. (Gordon 1885:78).

In the book, ‘The History of Seychelles”,  we read of the Vallée de Mai ,considered to be the site of the original Garden of Eden which is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

The islands, [General Gordon] said, were at one time joined to India, and were the remains of the continent on which was situated the Garden of Eden. He even went so far as to designate a place in the island of Praslin, where he considered the Garden had been placed. The situation of the Garden of Eden is a lovely spot close to the famous ‘Coco-de-mer” valley, and he was of opinion that the ‘Coco –de-mer” was the forbidden fruit. It is known the ‘Coco-de-mer’ is a strong aphrodisiac. Eve must have eaten the jelly, then he tempted Adam to eat it, and finally both knew they were naked and ashamed” (Bradley (1940:349)...

Gordon wrote that a great river once flowed out of Seychelles to become the four rivers mentioned in the Bible (Euphrates, Tigris, Nile, Jordan). Aden, for him, was in fact Eden, the ‘District’, and Eden was east of it.

The only land habitable then was around the Equator as an accumulation of ice in the northern hemisphere covered the globe and as the ice melted the earth was submerged.

According to Gordon, the Garden of Eden could have survived had the mountains of Seychelles originally been between 8,000 and 10,000 ft high.

Gordon then went on to describe the two mythical trees, that of knowledge of good and evil (the coco de mer) found only in the Seychelles and that of life (the breadfruit) also found on Praslin!

For him, the “forbidden fruit” which must have been the coco de mer is also the biggest seed in the vegetable kingdom!!

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