Palmis (palm heart salad)


3 hearts of palm

Juice from two (2) lemons (medium)

2 tablespoons white vinegar

4 tablespoons vegetable oil

Salt and pepper to taste




Step One

•           Remove the inner tender part of the palm heart. The less tender outer parts can be used to make archers

Step Two

•           Slice crosswise the tender part of the palm into thin slices

•           Immediately immerse into a mixture of half water and milk to prevent the palm heart slices from browning

Step Three

•           In a large mixing serving bowl, mix well together the lemon juice, vinegar and vegetable oil

Step Four

•           To serve remove the quantity of sliced palm heart required

•           Pat dry with kitchen paper and incorporate with the lemon juice, vinegar and vegetable oil mixture

•           Add salt and pepper to taste


Step Five

•           Eat immediately when the palm heart slices are still crisp


Note:   It is recommended that the sliced onions are not added to the salad to preserve the delicate flavour of the palm heart.

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