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The publication gives much coverage to the Presidential elections in Seychelles in May 2011. Its cover carries the President’s photo with the words: “Overall Majority Support for Michel’s Politics of Change For a New Seychelles”.


In the ‘Memo from the Publisher’, Sir James R. MANCHAM writes:

“Here in Seychelles, after reading all the congratulatory messages President Michel has received from world leaders on his re-election as President of the Republic, members of the Opposition Party(SNP) have announced that they will resume their duties in the National Assembly”(3)…..demanding the setting-up of a Reform Electoral Commission to review existing electoral laws…..)



On page 8 under the title “Former President Mancham decries Opposition absence from election results announcement ,the author writes that the election was held “under the aegis of the Constitution of the Third Republic and the rules and regulations which are currently in force”……

…..”they had agreed to participate under the existing rules, had made use of the facilities available, had even gone to attend a ecumenical service at the St. Paul’s cathedral on the eve of the election then, had failed to turn up and congratulate the winner”, said Sir Man Cham.

The magazine carries on pages 12 and 14 the address delivered by President James Michel at his inauguration as President of the Republic of Seychelles on 24th May 2011 at State House.

Page 18 has an article from The Daily Mail” under the title, “Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon in the Seychelles-“10 things you need to know about the royal honeymoon destination”...

Other articles  such as “Paper Currency in the Seychelles”(page 28) carries a strong opinion and suggestion  as to the effigy of the Head of State on Seychelles money whereas pages 30 to 33  has an exclusive interview on politics in Seychelles which appeared in the October 2000 issue of the Seychelles Review .

The article on page 34 –“Seychelles and Mauritius win joint claim for extended seabed” quotes President James Michel’s words:

“This is another victory for Seychelles! It shows how we can develop our relations with our island neighbours for the benefit of our peoples and ensure the future sustainable exploitation of marine and mineral resources”…

The author in the article “Marie-Antoinette’s Heritage “writes that the restaurant declared a National Monument on 15 April 2011 had become ‘an iconic part of the Seychelles over the years” and “Becoming a National Monument is both timely and well deserved”.

The magazine on the 35th anniversary of Seychelles becoming “an independent sovereign Republic” reproduces photo souvenirs carrying the caption… “Nostalgy may not be what it used to be!”

The magazine reminds us on page 76 that the  8th Indian Ocean Games (8ème ‘Jeux des Iles’ is “Less than 100 Days to go” and on page 82  South African Professor Gideon Brunsdon writes about his appreciation of ‘Seychelles Racial Diversity”.

Being primarily involved in the”geo-political developments in the region”, the publisher points out himself that the issue carries “two important exclusive articles on piracy from two personalities who should know what they are writing about…….. (pages 49…50…52 and 54...56’.’The Fight against Piracy articles also gives the President of Seychelles’ reaction after the‘third successful rescue of Seychellois hostages’ (page 57


Captain Francis ROUCOU, we are told on page 8) was himself a victim (fortunately for the tourists who had just left the vessel….. and he did not divulge their whereabouts) when the Somali pirates seized “The Indian Ocean Explorer” with seven (7) other Seychellois in 2009.



They were asking for a ransom of four million US dollars ($4m), and Captain Roucou writes:

“The main reason I have written this book is that if any similar events happen, we will know what precautions we can take and what we can do”.


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