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Seychelles is a net importer of goods. Imports include consumer goods (food and durables), industrial throughputs, machinery and equipment, petroleum products, chemicals and medicines. These are imported mainly from South Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

WITH FEW natural resources, small population and topographical constraints, Seychelles is by necessity a net importer of visible goods. Most machinery and transport, foodstuffs and manufactured consumer goods are imported putting pressure on foreign exchange reserves which in turn have to be replenished. Domestic exports have strengthened recently because of the outstanding success of canned tuna exports, which account for about 80 per cent of total receipts, and an equable increase in net re-exports of petroleum products.

Ideal Location
With its central location in the Indian Ocean midway between the largest trading and manufacturing blocks of Asia and Europe, Seychelles has direct access to major cities in those continents as well as in Africa. The islands’ main export trading partners are France, the UK, China, Germany, and Japan while many of its imports come from China, Singapore, South Africa and the UK. Situated in a favourable time zone (GMT+4) Seychelles working hours coincide with those of the Middle East and overlap with Asia, the Far East and Africa.

Air and sea links are regular, fast and efficient and Victoria is well known as one of the deepest and most efficient and least expensive ports in the Indian Ocean.

Contact Details:

  • Director
    Import/Export Permit Section
    Trade & Commerce Division 
    Department of Finance
    Tel:   (248) 22 43 33
    Fax:  (248) 22 54 58

  • Director General
    Trade & Commerce Division
    Department of Finance
    Tel:   (248) 38 20 26
    Fax:  (248) 32 39 71

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