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The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the voice of the Seychelles business community. With a strong membership of almost two hundred businesses representing some 5,500 employees, from all economic sectors and all sizes of activities, the SCCI can be said to be the true representative of the Private Sector and the primary intermediary professional body of Seychelles.

The SCCI is also a national apex body of business representation achieved through membership of other professional organisations and associations. These include the Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association, the Seychelles Association of Offshore Practitioners & Registered Agents, the Seychelles Car Hire Operators Association, the Taxi Operators Association and the Marine Charter Association.

Today the SCCI plays a crucial role in promoting the growth of the Private Sector in both commerce & Industry. It is also the preferred intermediary for all international institutions and organisations visiting Seychelles as it purports to speak on behalf of a wide consensus of views on all matter pertaining to business. It is also a regular consultative body for the Government with nominees sitting on a number of policy making committees.

The SCCI’s vision of “Prosperity for All” has helped shape its primary objective of assisting Government in creating the right economic and business environment that will enable continued and increased private sector development. Although there is still much work to be done in this field, the SCCI is proud of its achievements to date.

The SCCI continues to promote the development of business and investment in the immense potential of the industrial and semi-industrial fisheries sector as well as the tourism and tourism-related sectors. The country is well situated at the geographical cross-roads of the Indian Ocean and with strong traditional links to Europe, Asia and Africa, Seychelles has willingly embraced the principles of regional integration being one of the founding members of the Indian Ocean Commission, as well as a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). It is also an ACP state and signatory to the Cotonou Agreement of 2000.

The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that all these factors give Seychelles the potential to full economic independence to the extent that matches its political autonomy. However, to attain the necessary economic fundamentals the country and its business community must reach out to new market opportunities and investments.

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