Situated in a strategic spot in the South Western Indian Ocean , Seychelles have until recently played a modest part in the global economy. With the creation of the Seychelles Investment Bureau and restructuring in public administration and in vital sectors of the domestic economy, the country has embarked on a new and more dynamic phase in its socio-economic development.

Despite Seychelles being small in physical and population size, there exist unrivalled opportunities for investors. Attractive fiscal incentives are being finalized to minimize the operational cost of on- shore investments in the tourism, agricultural, fishing, industry and professional services sectors.

More opportunities exist in the offshore sector including the Seychelles International Trade Zone (SITZ) with even more generous fiscal incentives. The SITZ with its up- to- date facilities and infrastructure caters for several activities including professional services, manufacturing, processing, packaging and transshipment. The SITZ provides manufacturers with a convenient, low cost base in the Indian Ocean within easy reach of the main continents and with access to a multi- skilled and multilingual workforce.

Possibilities in the offshore sector include the International Business Companies, Companies Special Licence, Protected Cell Companies, Limited Partnerships, International Trusts, Mutual Funds, Ship/ Aircraft Registration to name just a few.

With the entry of at least one local commercial bank in offshore banking, the stage is now set for Seychelles to integrate fully in this global and lucrative economic sector.

Seychelles is easily accessible by both air and sea with several reputed airlines operating regular flights to and from Europe , Asia , the Middle East and Africa . Bulk cargo carriers serving the country from other major international business centres ensure the timely transportation of commodities and throughputs to the country at competitive rates.

The existence of state-of-the-art telecommunications networks, a well established banking sector and professional management services companies are testimony to the promising signs that Seychelles are on the right course to becoming an international business hub.

Joseph Nourrice
Chief Executive Officer
Seychelles Investment Bureau

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