Seychelles Tourism Board

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), a government/private sector, seven-member body headed by a chairman Mr. Maurice Lalanne and two vice-chairmen, oversees most aspects of Seychelles' tourism industry.  The newly-formed Marketing Fund Committee is now responsible for the co-ordination of all marketing initiatives while the SeychellesTourismAcademy is charged with training staff for Seychelles' hospitality industry.  STB's responsibilities include the implementation of Seychelles' national tourism policy, research, product development and co-ordination with its tourism offices and representatives agencies abroad.

STB’s responsibilities include the implementation of Seychelles ’ national tourism policy, research, product development, and marketing and co-ordination with its tourism offices and representative agencies abroad.  STB has representation in the United Kingdom , France, Italy and other European countries, as well as representatives for the Middle East and Asia.

STB also handles enquiries from consumers, the travel trade and media from the USA, Canada and other regions of the world that are not covered by its overseas offices and representatives.

Additionally, STB is responsible for the Small Establishment Enhancement Program (SEEP), a marketing initiative that has been developed to help promote the country’s smaller establishments under the brand name “Seychelles Secrets.”

STB has recently acquired responsibilities for overseeing the activities of the newly-formed SeychellesTourismAcademy, the institution charged with the training of Seychellois students for careers in the tourism sector.

As a result of government reorganisation, the Policy and National Cooperation Division, formerly located at State House, has now merged with STB where it continues to handle issues relating to policies and international cooperation within the tourism sector.

STB also implements activities and programs to add value to visitors’ stay while in Seychelles.

Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)

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