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A dazzling array of granitic and coral islands, located outside the cyclone belt, makes Seychelles a year-round sailing destination.

The easy sailing distances between the Inner Islands with their secure moorings offers myriad beaches, golden sands, hidden bays and secret coves.

The Outer Islands, mainly coral cays and atolls, are virgin territories featuring stunning lagoons and unparalleled opportunities for big-game, bottom and fly-fishing.

Fleets of professionally maintained and operated mono-hulls and catamarans are available for charter, either crewed or bareboat, with many other styles of vessels available for scenic cruises, snorkeling trips and island-hopping excursions.  Visit for more information.


Amid 1,400,000 of sparkling warm waters it is not surprising that Seychelles offers spectacular and diverse opportunities for diving.

The Inner Islands, the remains of a submerged mountain range, rest on a shallow plateau that has encouraged prolific growth of marine life while the 'Outer Islands' in the southern arc of the archipelago are largely uninhabited and present the experienced diver with excellent diving spots where few have gone before.

Throughout the islands dive centres are located on the beach, the majority of which belong to the Seychelles Divers Association (SDA) and adhere to the strict safety standards set by the association.

All diving is supervised by internationally qualified and insured Dive masters or instructors with a number of courses of instruction available at internationally recognised centres and resorts.  Visit for more information.


Seychelles has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world and you do not have to venture far from the shore to break fishing records.  Seychelles’ waters already boast world records for pacific bonito and dog-tooth tuna while the Outer Islands have become the epicenter of salt-water fly-fishing.

Spectacular trophy sailfish and marlin together with shark, giant barracuda, rainbow-runner and wahoo make Seychelles an exciting fishing destination for the experienced fisherman and novice alike.

A variety of charter boats and fishing excursions allow for individual tailoring of fishing programs.  Visit for more information.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Few places can rival these “islands of love” for the idyllic ambience of their island-style weddings and honeymoons and it is no wonder that lovers are inspired to take their vows and wed in such a romantic atmosphere.

Against this backdrop of island beauty, romance comes naturally, complemented by the care of attentive professionals who will ensure that your wedding day is as blissful as your memories.

Specialist tour operators, both local and international, offer wedding and honeymoon services featuring different types and styles of weddings, including traditional Creole, tailor-made to fulfill your fantasies.  Visit for more information.

The Spa Experience

Whether nestling in dreamy, mountain-side pavilions overlooking the ocean or occupying stylish niches within the luxurious cocoons of 5-star resorts, Seychelles’ spas offer natural elegance and refinement in pristine surrounds promising the ultimate voyage of personal transformation.

From the signature treatments of dedicated spas offering relaxing massages with exotic herbal oils, scrubs, detox baths and invigorating wet-treatments to a full range of beauty and grooming services, Seychelles’ spas hold the key to a complete renewal of mind, body and soul.

Walks and Trails

On Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette as well as on several neighboring islands, there are nature trails to introduce hikers to the spectacular and unique natural treasures of these islands.  Guided walks cover a variety of scenic routes and will reveal such endemic treasures as the rare Seychelles Scoops Owl, insectivorous Pitcher Plant and the Jellyfish Tree.

With almost 50% of the country’s limited landmass protected, Seychelles remains a well-preserved sanctuary for a host of endemic species of flora and fauna ... among which are to be found some of the rarest specimens on earth.  Visit for more information.

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