“Creole Festival 2015 will be an occasion to unite the people who live their culture” says Minister St. Ange of the Seychelles

Every year for the last 30 years the Creole population of the world have descended on the Seychelles to celebrate "World Creole Day", and this year it will be no different because Seychelles is again set to be joined by many who are proud of their Creolite.


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Minister Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles joined Benjamine Rose, the island's PS for Culture to invite the World of Creoles to join Seychelles in Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World this coming October for the 2015 Festival Kreol. "As we invite the world to join us in Seychelles, we must also invite each and every Seychellois who is proud to be a Creole Seychellois to be seen in this year's festival and to be counted as a those who are proud to be a Creole Seychellois" said Minister St.Ange. The island's Minister was appealing to the population of Seychellois to put its money where its mouth is and to live their culture to the fullest.


24th October this year will see the Official Opening of the Festival Kreol in Victoria, and it is confirmed that many Creole islands have now said that they will be represented at the 2015 Festival Kreol.



"The festival is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary. Seychelles was very far sighted 30 years ago when it organised its first Festival Kreol. It was also soon after this that Seychelles moved to make Victoria, the Kreol Capital of the World, but as the host country we still have work to do to get the population at large to stand behind their biggest cultural celebration. What is meant is that celebrating our culture cannot be in hide away places but instead everyone should come out and be seen to be living our culture" said Minister St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Culture in the islands. 


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